drz 400sm weight loss pics..

well got my drc tail light and new turn signals installed. we weighed all the stock stuff and it came in at 5lbs and 11oz :bonk: . thats for stock tail light smog equp. and old hard ware. the new stuff i put on came in at a wopping 11oz. :excuseme: so here are some pics tell me what ya think.







so here are some pics tell me what ya think.

I think the pics are to small to see, but the 5lbs reduction is good. :excuseme:

You'll be able to trim another 1 1/2 #'s by getting rid of your rear pillions and footpegs if you normally ride solo.TNR Designs produces a Buddy Peg Eliminator for the right side to support the exhaust/vibration isolator.


your right the pics are two small sorry about that.. im a better mechanic than computer nerd.. :excuseme::bonk:

OK, OK... I guess I'll have to pitch in here. :excuseme:

Not only did I help with the install, chop off the helmet lock tab, listen to some whining about a hangover, and take the pictures... Now I gotta help post 'em!

That DRC stuff is very nice! An easy mornings work and we lost all the stock crap, installed a DRC Edge and some signals from cycle gear. Never mind the wire routing under the fender, we fixed that!

Here's the pics...








Looks like you ran the Lockhart/bikemaster turn signals. This is what I used but mounted them on the rear fender tabs. The DRC taillight kit as you have to admit, is tits.

thanks im very happy with it all...

dougj is a great friend and bad ass metal worker but still a :excuseme::bonk:

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