This may be the wrong way to word it but.....

I want to make my '03 YZ450F have a more CRF450R like powerband. I rode a fellow TT'ers '03 CRF450R this past saturday and I really liked the powerband on it. My bike will happily break the rear tire loose at 1/4 throttle and his bike will just grip and pull. He said that my bike would act the same if I just got a flywheel weight. So, I want to know how much I should add. All your help is appreciated!

A flywheel weight is key for every 03 was under weighted from yami period....

You will get all kinds of answers to which weight....

Fox MX only 4-8oz ..... DRD, GYTR, Stealthy, ZipTY all of them sell them

I settled for a 5oz GYTR - works great. :excuseme: ain't no CRF.....the power is more linear on the CRF and harder hitting on the YZF

Goto to the Yamaha site to GYTR section, they got flywheels for $100, and you can put the stock one back on when you need less weight

Two things:

The 8oz Dr. D flywheel (you can exchange it anytime for a lighter one, but trust me on this. it won't be a bit slower on the straights)

A Power Bomb header.

Then run your buddy's CRF out of a loose corner and see what happens.

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