z50 troubles

alright so my buddy dropped of a z50 for me to fix. usually this isn't a problem but this bike has really got me stumped. first of all i want to explain at what level i can fix bikes so you guys don't think i am an idiot. as far as 50's go i can pretty much do it all. big bores, new crank, carb replacement, valve adjust, oil pump, and all the other stupid stuff. so i am not a totally meat head i can work on these little bikes. but back to my problem. when i got the bike it would only run on an additive like ether. i can get it to run now but only on the choke, when i run it on the choke it revs super high. when i take the choke off it will only run for ten seconds or so then die. and i can't give it any gas at all or it will die. things i have done so far are

vavle adjust

check the timing

points are adjusted

carb cleaned three times, i did find the main was clogged in the first place

new spark plug

i did check the float level and i think that may be my problem but there is no way to adjust it. the piece you normally bend is plastic. what gives on that. any ideas on what it coudl be would be cool.

and on a side note. did any of the z50 motors come with neutral in the middle of first in second like on a normal bike. it is definatley an auto three speed style motor but neutral isn't all the way done it is like on a mx bike.


Put a stock CRF50 carb on it. The older points Z motors are all down shift pattern. Neutral is all the way up.

Honda never had a different shift pattern on the Z50s. The biggest difference was in 1988 when the shift pattern changed from N-1-2-3 with neutral at the top, to 3-2-1-N with neutral at the bottom.

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