sxf250 harescrambles?

I am going to sell my crf450. I was curious if the sxf 250 would be a wise choice for running hare scrambles. I am running the KY hare scramble series and the 450 is just too much power and it feels big for this type of racing. What are your opinions?

Buy a Husqvarna TC 250, great for the woods, and you can get contingency for it in this series :excuseme:

Is this Rick

A lot has been written about the SXF in the woods. The owners that modify the suspension love em in the North East Woods. Great weapon for the mud and hillclimbs found in KY.

I purchased mine for this specific purpose and loved it so much I purchased a second. My local suspension shop has recorded the internal valve and shim stack necessary to lay down the fastest laps in some of the toughest rock infested, log covered single track in NY.

Set aside some more $ for the suspension to run the SXF in tight single track in the North East. Other regions of the country seem to run it stock and like it.

I rode a Honda twin piper this winter, worked so well I have a new 250 KTM on order, will bring up the ccs because of my large size, but I was faster on the my 250 vs 450 and didn't get nearly as tired, rear tires last like forever compared to the ones on the 450, get a 250, your love it...

Is this Rick

His son Andrew :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Cool. Tell Rick I said hi.

you may want to think about an xc or mxc. my son got a 450 sx for florida hair scrambles.we spent the whole first season trying to civilize the bike. its geared wrong power is up high, in the woods if the tire wasn't spinning the bike stalled. four strokes aren't always easy to start.

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