Cracking Frame

I Have A 2004 Yz450f And The The Frame Is Starting To Crack Near The Oil Tank. The Nice Thing About The Oil Tank Is You Can Spot The Cracks Easy Due To The Oil Leaking. My Head Set Also Cracked All The Way Around The Bottom Where The Lower Race Is Pressed In.

My Question Is Does This Happen With All Steel Frame Bikes Or Is My Junk ?

Mine developed cracks around the factory welds. I had a friend tig weld the cracks. No more leaks worked perfect. A mig might work but tig or torch weld would probably be better. Take the whole bike apart and clean out the tank best you can find a good welder.

This is the first time I have heardanything like this.

Do you have any photos?

My '03 YZ450 developed a hairline crack on the right hand side of the down tube. It showed up after a dusty day at the track, the dust was sticking to the oil. Otherwise I would not have noticed it at all. The weld repair was simple on the carbon steel frame and looks to be holding up well.

Not sure how many YZ's had this problem, mine is the only one around here.

This has been known to happen with a few frames. Not very common, but there have been a number of posts on it. Most people either weld em up or pick up a frame off Ebay or somewhere.

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