Wobbly Spokes

I took off my front tire when I was cleaning my bike this morning, and when i put it back on I noticed that the front spokes were wobbly, like some were tighter than others. Ive never had to deal with this problem before? Is it normal? or do Ineed somthing to tighten them. If so what do I need ?

yes you will need to tighten them. not quite sure of the proceedure though.

you will need to buy a spoke wrench....go to your local shop and buy one or order one off of the internet. Having loose spokes can make your wheel collapse.

What a question

What a question

thanks for the smart ass remark :excuseme:

I knew they should be tightened, I just didnt know what to use. But now I do, thanks for the advice guys.

You should have got a spoke wrench with your bike if you bought it new. If not, just go buy one and tighten them up.

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