I need some bling

Who makes some cool anodized pieces for Husky's? Specifically a 06 TE450. I'm looking for something to give as a gift but I have had no luck. It would be cool if I could find some engine plugs or axle block like you can find for all the Jap bikes. Thanks.

perhaps a billet gas cap?dan.

Fast By Ferraci carbon stuff, CRD protection in aluminum,

Does anyone make some cool anodized stuff?

Huskies are just a step up from an Exotic right now. They seem to be regaining popularity though. While you can find the essentials (which for me has been very easy except aftermarket clutch plates), there are not that many companies making bling components for them. They are well built with good stock components and don't really need alot of aftermarket stuff. I think that most Husky riders aren't that into bling anyway. Except maybe Ride :ride:

I think that a great gift idea would be a set of graphics. That is sorta like bling, with some functionality. You could also maybe try one of those anodized vent hose caps or as Dan suggested tank cap.

at a local shop(GP Motorcycles) i can get a billet clutch cover that comes in black or unpainted(silver). i dont know if you can purchase anything online but you can see it and you might be able to call them and have them ship it out to you if you want one. i think its just www.gpmotorcycles.com but if that doesnt work try googling it.

I just went to 10 West Motorsports (760) 343-0733 and they have billet shark fins in black and red that will fit the 06. They also have the kit to convert a TE to red and white plastic, so it will look like an 07. Good Bling!

Currently have here in OZ lots of usefull bling for those that want to protect their husky but also add some colour:

>anodized blue or red radiator roost guards,

>red or blue radiator braces - silver is also available,

>red or blue alloy front axle nuts (replaces that crappy hard to use internal hex nut)

>alloy clutch slave cylinder protector (like the KTM hard E part) helps to prevent more damage when the chain decides to leave the sprockets

>cable hotstart kits for the kehin carbs with either blue or red brake master cylinder covers with red levers -valve/cable/master cylinder cover/red lever

>alloy gas caps - blue/gold/red/black

>coloured steel braided brake lines - most colours

>black coloured high impact plastic bash plates (like KTM hard E) reduces reflective sounds from engine/rocks etc, better slide over rocks/logs/ruts etc and light.

Will post pictures next week. But if anyone wants more info and prices send me an email at don@cycleproducts.com.au

i just got a floating front wave brake rotor for my TC.it looks bad ass,should work better than stock as well . my TM has one and when you spin the wheel you can notice it spins with less drag which equals less heat.

Except maybe Ride :banana:



:ride: Sorry Ride. :ride: You were the most anti-bling guy I could think of. :p

:ride: Sorry Ride. :ride: You were the most anti-bling guy I could think of. :p


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