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Pipe guard and sharkfin mini-reviews

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Hi All,

Just in case you're in the market for a pipe guard, don't buy one from E-line. They sent one out that wasn't even close to fitting(probably from the wrong bike...an RMZ 250 is my guess). A couple of polite emails(seriously), and a phone call from me resulted in the usual blow-off which shows they don't care. I sent it back and ordered one from Carbon Fiber Works, which went on just fine :excuseme: . Although I like the "advertised" design of the E-line guard better, this one fits so it wins.

Also do not buy a Fastway sharkfin. The sharkfin itself is fine, nice piece of billet with excellent finish, but the mounts on the RMZ-450 do not support this kind of bolt on guard, one minor hit will tear off the sharkfin and the mounting tabs too, the big hunk of aluminum will just hasten the process faster as it gives a nice big torque arm to tear it off with. I rode with it once and after half an hour noticed the thing was bent in and rubbing on the rotor. Quickly put the flexible pastic guard back on after carefully bending the mounting tabs back into place. This may well have been the stupidest thing I have ever bought. :bonk: If you need a sharkfin, I'd recommend a Scotts which mounts around the rear axle too.

Anyway, good luck. And as usual , opinions expressed are purely personal obervations...results may vary, caveat emptor and all that....

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