Changing a Pilot jet

I have a 2004 YZ450F, I recently bought an easy adjust fuel screw for it. I made sure to use the spring and o ring from the stock fuel screw when installing and followed direction for adjustment. I can turn the screw all the way in and the bike still idles the same which I've read in an indication that I need to put the next smaller pilot jet in.I've never changed a jet or taken the carb apart and wonder if anyone has tips to do this, Thanks-Frank

Loosen up the clamps and rotate the bottom of the carb toward you. You may need to take the throttle cables off, maybe not...

Anyway, drop the plug on the bottom of the carb. There will be a 5mm brass jet, thats the main and just ahead of that, toward the engine side (only about 5mm ahead) the pilot jet will be sitting there. It comes loose with a flat blade screw dirver. Pop yours out, its probably a 45-48 if it run with the screw all the way in (assumng the idle isnt too high- 1800 rpm is all it needs to be)

One thing I just thought of...Ive got a Ty Davis screw and I had to drop the pilot jet size to get it dialed because the screw is slightly dfferent.

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