TT600 Sortamotard conversion

Just picked up a 1983 TT600 from a friend for a song and I want to make it my fun/street/dirt runaround. The CRF450R goes the MX track.

I'm new at this supermoto thing but I've been looking at the threads and studying the pics, and I've got a few questions that maybe you guys will help me with. I'm on a budget here, so I'm not looking to buy the best right away and I'll be taking this project one step at a time.

The existing rims are MT2.50x18 rear and 1.60x21 front. Do I have to change these out or can I put some different tires on these and still get pretty good performance?

The existing sprocket combo is 14-50. Seems like it may be a little short, any other recommended combinations for road riding with an occasional jaunt onto the prairie?

How do you guys set up a dirt bike suspension for street riding? Slow rebound, fast compression, other way around? Where's a good place to start?

Any help will be.....well,,,helpful :excuseme:



i just motarded my 03 ttr600 and i used rgv 250 3 spokes. they were cheap just had to change bearings to suit axle size and make new spacers and mount caliper back a bit to suit 320mm disc. all up cost 600.00

You CAN just swap tires but for a little more work you can enhance the moto look with a 19 inch rim off some motocross wheel and lace it to your stock or some other new hub. It'll give it a semi motard and semi flat track look but it can end up being pretty nice to ride.

Being an 83 does it have a disc brake on the front?

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