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Mikki's Garden Party w/Pictures - I think Elvis was there

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Saturday morning I headed out for Taneum and got as far as Vantage when I realized I needed to go back home and take my BP pills. This put me an hour off my schedule so that by the time I arrived at the Junction my riding partners were out riding. Being over an hour late I expected this and had hoped I would be able to find out which route they took. I rode alone all day but I did meet many nice folks on the trail.

I have been having problems with my small digital camera because of the sunlight so I brought my most expensive camera with me and took my time. This camera has a 10X optical zoom lens with image stabilization which really works well. It deals with the sunlight and shadows much better than the small camera. Took a lot of really nice pictures of the ride but that is not what I plan on sharing in this thread.

After the ride I headed over to Mikki's place for a barbecue. For those of you who do not know, Mikki is one of the Rangers who works with us to keep the trails at Taneum ridable. She was holding this Garden Party as a fund raiser so that she can get some official T-shirts for the Volunteers. This is the kind of rapport that the Cle Elum Forest Service has with us riders and we love it.

Now how does that song go? Sing it to me Ricky.

"I went to a Garden Party

To reminisce with my old friends

A chance to share old memories

And play our songs again"

Mikki and her husband went all out to see that we had good food and entertainment. They were exceptional hosts and we thank them for the festivities.

Lets talk food for a minute. I think I will call them chicken burritos (I'm sure someone will correct me on this) But the cook (Mikki's husband) had a hot plate going where we would heat up and lightly brown our Tortilla's. He had a delicious filling that we would spoon onto the tortilla. A bowl of rice that we would spoon onto that and a bowl of beans to top it off. I spooned some Pace Picante onto all that and folded it up and enjoyed. Yum Yum, and we were encouraged to eat as much as we wanted. They had actually prepared to serve a much larger crowd than showed up. Here is the main dish.


Here are some of the folks who showed up.






One of the events was the slow bike course. I even allowed Mikki and John to twist my arm into trying it. I almost ended up in the lake on the second turn.

The idea was to see if you could ride around a course of cones with pretty sharp turn without putting your foot down

Tad (one of the rangers) did a pretty good job on the slow course:


Mikki tried her hand at the trials bike and she did great:


And what would any trials bike be without our local trials pro showing off:


After the big kids were through with the slow course the younger kids were allowed to play:


I didn't get any pictures of the spud cannon contest but then who cares how high a spud can fly.

I believe the event that drew the most interest was the log cutting with the cross saws. That looked like a lot of work.

Mikki and Tad teamed up for this event-Now tell me if you think cutting this log is important to Mikki:



The crowd found this very interesting:


The nice thing about a 10X zoom is people are completely unaware you are taking their picture. Notice how totally fascinated they are with the cross cutting event:


Now our cook seemed disinterested in this event. Little did he know he was about to be drafted:



It does look like his partner has his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Isn't that a bit dangerous:


Put that back in your mouth right now before you bite down. Ah, that is better:


OK, you older rangers show us your skills (I am younger than these two and I wasn't about to show off my skills):



Now we headed over to play a game of how close can you get the golf ball to the target.

This young lady is confused - only one club is needed to hit the ball:


Now how did he keep the ball in the air behind his clubs swing? Strange:


Note the form. Could it be Jim actually knows what he is doing?


Finally we capped off the day with a boat ride:


Did I mention that this private pond is stocked with fish and some of the folks were fly fishing?

Well that's all there is folks. If you were not there it was your loss but our gain, hey pass me another tortilla. :excuseme:

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Did you make Russ run that saw himself? :excuseme:

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Very cool Nick. Thanks for sharing. You really gotta appreciate the friends we have with the Cle Elum Rangers. Good people. :excuseme:

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Bamee and I had a great time! Good to see people without all that riding rear on.

Very sharp photos Nick. Good camera for sure. :excuseme:

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