Rod/wristpin play.

I tore down my motor last night to install new rings and put in a new cam chain since this one has 148 hours on it. I was checking the writpin in piston and on rod and found that I could move the wristpin in the rod laterally, that is grabbing the piston by the top I could turn it clockwise and back counter clockwise a bit or rock it side to side. Grabbing the piston and pulling straight up and down didn't seem to have any play. Part of the reason I tore the motor down is I felt I had a vibration at low to mid rpm's when accelerating or decelerating.

I hope I don't have to split the cases on this bike. It will be up for sale soon, but I also won't leave someone with a ticking bomb and need to fix this if it isn't right. I believe the wristpin should have no play in any direction in the rod, is this correct?

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