2001 TXT 280 Suspension Setup

I was checking out my friends 04 Gas Gas 300 Pro last weekend. His suspension seemed much more plush compared to my 01 TXT 280. He checked out my bike and thought that it was too stiff. I have owned the bike for almost 2 years. It had very low hours on it when I bought it.

I have never changed any of the settings on the rear shock. I tried to see if I could find an adjuster nut for the spring pre-load but could not see it (note: I looked very quickly and have not had a chance to really check it out.) I would think that this shock would have spring preload adjustments as well as compression/rebound damping adjustments?

I replaced the fork seals back in January and I am using 7wt fork oil.

I weight 165-170lbs.

Does anybody have any experience on how to setup the suspension on a 2001 TXT 280? Is the suspension on a 2001 TXT 280 generally less adjustable or stiffer than on a PRO?


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