Best suspension set up?

Hi guys finaly got my 2005 RM-Z 450,, hehe boy is it a beast, i have had a yz 250 2004 bike and have raced against my mates on the crf 450s and i could never keep up.Went to the trax last weekend and i was leading in some parts woooo!!!!! so happy about the change to this bike, n e ways enough chit chat.

What is the best suspension set up for a guy who weighs 180-190 lbs?

i found this on dirt bike

4 to 8 clicks out on shock compression, 2 to 2 1/8; on high-speed and always close to 9 out on rebound. The fork was less critical and we ran 7 on compression and 9 on rebound.

how would they of worked this out? is it all the way to soft then 9 clicks, or is it all the way to hard then 9 clicks out?

The normal way is to go all the way in ( full hard ) and then count the clicks back out.

Aways turn out (hard) first, then turn in (soft) when adjusting your suspension.

My suspension was done by RaceTech, so I would not be able to help as far as your bikes stock setup. However, it's pretty much the same no matter who you talk to. Try them all, run a few laps, adjust, run a few more and adjust if need be. Faster riders will normally run them stiffer, while slower riders softer.

At 190lbs I would say do forks at 10 comp. and 8 rebound. If you find that your front end skipping or having the shakes, you might want to speed up the rebound a bit. This normally means your front tire isn't touching the ground fast enough. Rebound to slow, speed it up.

Rear I would say slow the rebound on that bike just a bit, it has a 5.4kg spring which is in spec with your weight (185lbs). If you find it to be to slow speed it up, but starting off slower is always better. Comp. I would keep it stock (can't remember the clicks). Slow speed comp. I would slow it down just a bit.

Also remember that your axle position makes a deference. I have my axle positioned way back. If you have your axle positioned forward or in the middle then for sure I would run the rear rebound slower.

Aways turn out (hard) first, then turn in (soft) when adjusting your suspension.

Out is softer,in is harder. Start counting clicks from fully in,start coming out 1 click at a time to count.

Do a search there is plenty going on for the 05!Dirtbike is totally off as usual.


okay thanks guys, this is a real help.


What do all you guys run on your suspension set up?

My stock (no revalving) 05 works great sprung for my considerable weight, with the forks at 14c/12r and the rear at 14c/8r, 2 3/4 HS. I was going to have it revalved but I just dont see a point at this stage.

I soften everything up 3-4 clicks for trail riding and its awesome.

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