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Did anyone have any expirence with a Bridgestone M402 on the rear of their 150??

Did anyone have any expirence with a Bridgestone M402 on the rear of their 150??

Nope, but would recomend the Maxxis IT's

I have a front Maxxis IT coming in in 3 days. The rear Maxxis IT won't be in until Augest. The guy recommended the Bridgestone M402, he said it was similar and it looked pretty good so I took it.

Anything should be better than stock

Not that it makes any difference. But the tires on these bikes, more specifically due to the lack of horsepower that these bikes have, tires really aren’t an issue. Well let me rephrase. All tires except for Cheng Sing are good. In fact for fun I have a trials tire on the back of the 150. It was 10 bucks new I couldn’t pass it up.

Bridgestone, Dunlop, Maxxis, Kenda. All the tires aren’t going to add or take anything away from you. Since the majority of people with these bikes don’t mount tires for conditions, the issue really is moot. Get what's on sale!

I dunno man I already wiped out and messed up my hand because the stock front tire washed out without any warning. Also I find the stock back tire to provide very little grip as I cant hook it up on anything but smooth gravel or bare pavement... But have no fear a set of maxxis are on the way!

The stock front tire on these bikes is really terrible IMO. It's amazing how a

good front tire can change the bike & increase your confidence.

The rear tire I would wear out first but with the front it's better to replace it with something, anything, right away before you get hurt.


Well this bridgestone looks exactly like the Maxxis IT. I actually slow down, go to 2nd gear...then turn becuase I had the bike slide out from under me so many times.

Did anyone have any expirence with a Bridgestone M402 on the rear of their 150??

Hello Brennan82,

The M402? Sadly, I haven't got to try one yet, but you are in luck!!! I did read an article on those tires on the CRF150 and other 80cc 2 strokes. I believe it was in Dirt Rider Magazine about 2 years ago.

They said the front was good on hard terrain (those are hard terrain tires). They said the front was pretty good. Hooked up well.

The rear, however, got big time thumbs up! They said it hooked up great and get this; it showed little wear. What else could you ask for, right?

I had been wanting to try one, but then I came across the rear Maxxis IT. As it wears, it's a good tire, but brand new, it hooked up really, really well. Actually, braking was killer.

I was goofing with brake sliding into a turn. I had Michelin STARCROSS's on before and I could just tap the rear brake and I was sliding big time. Great fun. Then I did it with the MAXXIS and "What the heck?" My back end wouldn't slide out. I just came to a really fast stop!!! I was like, "Well, that's no good."

The result, however, was I just had to go much faster into the turn. "Wait, this is good!" :excuseme:

Well, if you do try the M402, please give a review back for everyone.

The only downside of the M402 compared to the Maxxis is that the M402 will probably cost you $5 to $10 more.

Thanks for the info. My dealer told me the rear Maxxis IT was $58 and this Bridgestone was $66. I know the guy so he gave me a $10.99 discount, so it worked out to be $55. And from what I checked out the M402 is an intermediate terrian, but maybe I'm wrong :excuseme:. So I have the M402 sitting next to me right now and my front Maxxis IT will be in Thursday. The only down side is that my rear tube had a puncture and I got my dad to pick me up a new tube. I just looked at the box now and it said "Cheng Shin". I heard they have the worst tire producst you can buy, but maybe I'm wrong again :bonk: ??

Um for the cheng shin deal above, I'm pretty sure that maxxis is a branch of cheng shin so.... :ride:

I ordered a maxxis IT 110-100-18 (oversize) for 45 bucks off of rockymountain! But of course theres the tube and shipping so it was like 60 bucks.

Ok, I got my front Maxxis IT on the bike in 10 minutes. The rear Bridgestone I got in a little over an hour :ride: . When I was finished with the tires I had to wipe the blood off my swing arm :ride: ....But I took the bike for a little spin. Pulls much better. When I turn I don't drop the bike anymore..YAY!!!.. I'm very pleased with the tires. Maxxis IT on the front and Bridgestone M402 on the rear :ride:

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