Finally made a website for my Helmetcam videos

I finally got around to making a little website for my videos. Hopefully, i will put up some pictures later too. I tried to post what kind of codec you will need to watch the videos. The divx and the Quicktime are labeled anyway. The rest should play fine on most players. Some are really large. The large files i will probably replace and put up other large files once in a while. Hope you like it, and remember to right click and "save as" it will work a lot better.


Killer page. Well at least the backgroundpics/pics are Awesome!! Way cool bro. I have a ton of helmet cam footage from our Moab trip that I am in the process of editing. I didn't check out your vids but I will tomarrow when I have time. keep up the good work-thomdogg

You suck! HA! Hey Bro nice site I'm still looking for my royalty checks.

What kind of setup are you using? Is it an auxiliary cam that plugs into a regular camcorder?

I was looking at getting a setup like this for my car.... quality is pretty decent too.

Very nice videos ... and the music and composition too! Almost like being there! thanks for doin' the work,

Byron :ride:

Always like watching cool riding videos.

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