250f Question!!!

im looking into buying a new 250f....so far ive considered the kxf, sxf, or the crf...all of those i would be happy with.. i have a really tight bugget and ive been hearing that the yamaha has a very reliable motor in it....the past 250f i had was the mosr unreliable thing in the world!!!! but ive also been hearing that the yz250f doesn't corner very well...like the front wheel pushes out or something....is this true??....and if it is....is there someway you can prevent it by setting the suspension perfect?

if those that have the 06 yz250f could please tell me if the 06 really does have bad handling or if that was just a rumor? im not trying to be a prick or anything we've just found one but i have to tell the guy if im gonna buy it or not and i haven't made up my decision

Do a search, there has been plenty of discussion on this topic...

Basically swap out the front tire and it won't wash out (the Dunlop 739 isn't any good in anything other than hard pack). You can lower your steering stem to help too. I don't notice any "push" that the magazines write about, most of us 06 owners haven't found this "push" problem if you set it up right.

The older steel-frame YZF's don't suffer from a "push" once you swap out the stock Dunlop rubber (739...it only really works on hard pack terrain). The only real complaint about them was their top-heavy feel because the center of gravity is too high. That can be fixed also with a radiator lowering kit and/or less offset triple clamps. Their straight line stability is suberb...best in class. The most reliable bike in the 250F class has been (and always will be) the Yamaha. No question.


i have an 06 and indeed it does tend to push in some tight turns, and some off camber stuff, im still running the stock dunlop though, i had a 04 125 with the same tire and again had the same pushing problems so it leads me to believe the 739 tire is a complete piece, either way every bike has its up and downs but reliability is number one with me (a bike that wont run wont turn well either!!) plus the yamaha suspension is so good you dont have to have it reworked unless your an animal

No question Yamaha's 5-valve design is the reliability king. That was my main factor in buying - I spend my wrench time on my son's race bikes and I didn't need a high-maintenance bike for myself. However, I was initially disappointed in the handling. I followed the advice on this forum and ditched the Dunlop 739 front for a Michelin MH3, lowered my rads 1" (homemade brackets as Dr. D does not offer one for WR's) and dropped the forks 5mm in the clamps. Made a major difference even on the WR. Any handling advantage a CRF might still have is too minor for my skill level to notice. Now I have a great handling bike with a reliable engine that revs to the moon. Go Blue!

the handling thing is a myth. Do a search on the recall of the '06's and you'll find that yamaha had a bad batch of valves that are being recalled and re-installed. Check into that before your purchase.

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