Riding in/near Stanley, Idaho?

Hey all,

I will be heading to Stanley, ID (from Boise) for a family reunion and some of us want to sneak off for a ride(s). Where are some good places/trails to ride that are relatively close to town (but driving a ways is not a problem either though)? I've heard of Bull Trout Lake in the area -- where is it located and how far?

I will ride anything. Some detailed descriptions and directions are always appreciated.

THANKS! :excuseme::bonk:

I'm not the expert, but Smiley Creek on the south end of the valley has some good riding. (Pole Creek for one)

Smiley Creek is good, it's been so long since I've been up there I can't remember much. There is tons of riding in that area though, you shouldn't have any problem finding some good trails.

Check out Lower Stanley. I was just there this weekend and noticed some guys unloading just out side of town, heading down the Salmon. Good luck-thomdogg

Oh ya Budzi! Check out Sun Beam!! Sun Beam is only about 20 mins. down the Salmon river and there is supposed to be some good riding up there. The damn is sweet too, it looks like something out of the Lord Of The Rings.-thomdogg

I live near there and was just up in the sawtooths last weekend....still alot of snow and trees down....out and backs are possible and maybe a loop or two but you will need to find out before you head out....call the ranger stations and inquire about trails, its up to you if you wan to mention dirtbiking or not, most of the trails on the western side of the white clouds are closed because of the valley road fire last year. There are so many trails around to ride i am sure you will be able to find some that are open but again the upper elevations are still snowed in.

north of town or down river you can try the casino creeks loop about 5 to 10 miles away from town.

Most if not all trails near smiley creek are not open yet including pole creek road. as of last week

most of the two track roads will be open but the single track is the best but closed. again i suggest contacting the ranger station and see what is open

get a map and look for trails close to town, I cannot think of any online maps to use, sorry.

let me know if i can help out with anything specific.

may need to pm me as i don't visit tt as much as i should...


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