BR Friday the 30th Father Son ride

Looking on hitting BR this Friday , Just me and the boy....

He needs some more woods practice....

Anyone else????

I plan on being there, hope the rain stops.

Yea, John T3 an I were there on Sunday... It started to pour just as we got back to the truck for lunch.... Unbeliveable day though, I had a BLAST... we hit almost every hill we came across like 4 times... I love BR.. And my 4 fiddy!

i might be able to go to BR on friday since i dont gotta work...ill try to drag the old man with too. id be ridin a crf250x #37 and pullin it with a red chevy colorado

Hey Boys!

Sounds like Woody and I are in for Friday, is it going to be open early, or not until 11?

I can't wait!!!

Kev, Are you in??

Smudge, I'll see ya there. I'll give you a call.

See you guys then, We'll be in my blue silverado pulling an open utility trailer.


Smudge... What's the weather like...what time did it stop raining on Sunday...or didn't it stop.... : :excuseme:

Tim, it opens at 11:00 on friday.

Dragon, it rained here today I don't no about BR I'm 25 miles north of there. I'll call Thursday, I can't get free to drive down and look myself.

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