I broke my bike....

I had a fairly harsh get off last week while trail riding, I dug a good size hole with my handle bars. Needless to say, my stock bar was bent up good, no big loss. Also, I bent up my clutch lever and hand guard, also not a big deal, able to fix that.

Got some new bars, just some cheap Tusks to experiment with different bends. I put the rm high on yesterday and went for a ride, it still seems off to the left. Did I break/bend something more? The whole front end is slightly to the left, bars, the computer all that stuff.

Is there an adjustment I need to fiddle with, or did I bend the clamps up?

Its an 05 S, don't think that matters, but what do I know?

Go easy on me, this is the first time I've messed with the bars/clamps.

What I would do is loosen the pinch bolts on the tripples and have your buddy straddle the front tire. Move the handle bars into the position you want. Then tighten it all back down. You prolly did'nt bend anything, just moved stuff out of place.

Ok, thats what I was hoping for. I'll give it a whirl, just as soon as I locate these pinch bolts.


What part pf ohio do you live in. Im in Wellsville

Yeah SIXTO, Forewarned is completely on the money....

I do it all the time to mine when my bike goes for a tumble :-)

losen the triple clamp bolts then rap your legs around the front time and tweak on the bars... just like you use to do to your old bmx bike!

I'm in Dublin Ohio!

I just went to the garage to look, I'm still a bit confused. Forgive my newbie terminology, but are you guys talking about the center bolt that is dead smack center of the clamps, or the bolts down where the turn signals mount?

Panaman, your not to far from me, I'm on the very northern outskirts of Cincy, I can almost claim Wilmington, really closer to Lebanon than anywhere else.

zxrsteve, Wellsville, normally I know most towns in Ohio, but you got me. Is that up near Norwalk, Lorain county area?

Ahh never mind, Wellsville is south of Youngstown, near PA border

East on the ohio river Columbiana Co. Yellow creek Township

Here's what they're talking about -- 8 bolts, 4 on the upper triple clamp, 4 on the lower triple clamp. Loosen them, twist the forks/move the front wheel until everything's straight, and then tighten them back up. Best done on a bike stand.

Torque upper clamp bolts to 23 lb-ft, lower ones to 21.5 lb-ft.


For what it's worth, some of the bike mechanics I know insist on removing the front wheel, pulling each fork, and then reassembling to straighten the forks in the triples.

that cleared it right up! thanks.

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