need a suspension link

Help, I need a stock dog bone link for my '01 xr250. I just got the bike and want to get it back to the stock set-up and height. Thanks

I see that no one is jumping in here to offer up the spares... I have a Devol lowering link but have yet to install it... Busy time of year but I should get to it within a couple of days. I have a stock '96 XR 400 R, if the P/Ns are the same you can buy this one. I am a bit short of leg and I am reasonably sure that I will not want to swap the XR 4 back after I install the Devol and lower the fork a tad...

Let me know if you need for me to measure the link I take out...


Thanks for the reply, but I finally found one at a bone yard 50 miles away, really took some searching. You might want to hold on to the old one when your done. You just never know.

Good deal... I seldom sell stuff, especially take offs but you sounded like you need one...


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