JD kit for 92 CR500 PJ Keihin carb?

I have a 92 CR500 motor in my 98 CR500AF. I have heard great things about the JD Kits. Is there one available for my PJ carb?

I live and ride between 2500-5000 foot altitude respectively and have a R1368N needle set on the 3rd position from bottom, a 168 main, and a 48 pilot. With these settings it loads up and is boggy on the low end. Once it clears the mid range and top end are fine but the low end for crawling hills and obsticles is what I am looking to improve on.

I am also replaceing the reeds that appear worn. Any other suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


Drop the needle one postition. It'll clean up and scare the buhjesus out of you on the bottom...

Copy that. The reeds were worn also. Just ordered the boysen rad system, should help. Thanks.

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