WR450 x Race Tech

A Race Tech rep installed Gold Valves in my WR450 '05 and the bike still hits my wrists at small stones/holes. Have an harsh overall feeling, even after many click dialing trials. Today the rep told me that the problem with the WR450 is not hidraulic but some sort of allignement stiction common to the bike model.

Does anyone hear something about this "defect" ?

Is it a real issue with the WR450 or is the guy trying to cheat me somehow ?

Make sure your forks aren't bound up in the axle clamps, aligned correctly. Then, check and lower your fork oil level 10 mm at a time till you get it close. You should need to lower the oil level by more than 20mm if they are right to start with. This will be an inexpensive way of figuring out the problem. I did the same on my WR after dealing with a leaky fork for a couple of months and noticing the bike actually taking the hits better.

If that doesn't work, then I would go back to him to get it right. It normally takes more than 1 shot to get right anyway. I had mine back to the susp shop twice before we got it the way I wanted it.

Take a look at the last post by shockdoc in this thread for further explanation as to what gmoss is talking about regarding alignment and binding.

The torque specs may be slightly different for your WR so refer to the manual.


i have the same bike and after installing the correct springs for my weight i had to adjust the oil height until i got it to work like i wanted,write down what you do as far as oil height and start with the compression and rebound set in the middle.a good log of your adjustments with comments on results will lead you to a solution usually.as far as his "stiction defect" i've not heard of one nor experienced this.do loosen the axle pinch bolts with the wheel off the ground and spin it forward then clamp the front brake once or twice.holding the brake on tighen the pinch bolts.doing this ensures that everything is aligned.

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