How much oil and which oil?

How much oil the 2006 kxf250 holds on the front and back suspension? I want to change it and want to know.

Want to change the stock oil for a new one. What brand and viscosity do you recomend?



no clue?

behind the kick start is a plate that says how much oil to use. but since no one has awnsered.

1. Bone dry no oil. 1.5ltrs

2. oil drain with same filter 1.3ltrs

3. oil dran and new filter 1.35ltrs

Oil. Use what you want. It seems that Shell Rotella T 15/40w is cheap & works great.

Motorex is also good. same thing with spectro.

Good luck have fun be safe.

EDIT: Umm I'm stupid sorry I knoticed your looking for fork/shock oil..

Umm spectro is good. as far as amount depeneds on what you want it to feel like.

Thanks! I want to make the bike feel softer (does it help?)

Any one?

You sound like you don't have a lot of mechanical experience. Take your suspension to a reputable suspension shop and have it serviced. How much do you weigh? You may need lighter springs. Visit and use their spring calculator. It will get you in the ballpark. Good luck.

Your owner's manual will tell you the oil height range for the forks. To make them softer, you may need lighter springs or a re-valve. Changing the oil height will not change the softness through the initial stroke. The is also a cartridge in your fork and the oil volume/height is not adjustable. It needs to be filled completely and bled.

Your shock needs to be filled completely too so the amount of oil is not adjustable. A lighter spring or re-valve can improve the plushness.

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