YZ426F/450F or YZ250 for tall person?

So I had my mind pretty much set on an 03 YZ250 that's for sell through a couple of friends. It's race prepped and pretty much worked over. (Yes it's a 2-stroke.) But me being 6'4 205lbs is making me wonder. I will mostly be using the bike for trail riding and off-road. Should I go with the bigger 4 stroke instead? Would it suit my riding needs more? Would it be more comfortable for me?

I'm not a newb to riding. I owned a 2000 CR125 about 5-6 years ago (outgrew it as you probably guessed) and currently ride a streetbike.

Physically the 250 and 450 are the same size. There will be a diffrence in weight and HP

Yes I know as far as seat height they are basically the same. But, do you think I would get tired of a 250 within a month or two? Would the 2 strokes power be enough to haul my tall ass around? :excuseme:

I know that some of the 450's have 4 speeds trans, and they get a little hairy in the tight woods. My '01 426 had a 5 speed and was fun in the woods, til I'd kill it. The '06 came out with the 5 speed again.

If you plan on doing much/any racing....most race a 250 smoker because of the displacement rules. Plus they are lighter and a little more agile in the woods.

In the end it comes down to what you are comfortable with, what you can maintain yourself, and what you can get a good deal on. Good luck.

Yes I know as far as seat height they are basically the same. But, do you think I would get tired of a 250 within a month or two? Would the 2 strokes power be enough to haul my tall ass around? :excuseme:

I am 6-3 200 also, and I will guarantee you that both bike have more than enough power to haul your ass around.

Coming from the street as well I went for the 450. It has enough room for me to grow into. I'm not scared of speed so that wasnt an issue for me I felt I wanted more torque then the 250 had. I'm happy with it so far on trails and track. It's a little heavy for me but I'm getting used to it. I also only weigh about 135 or so with gear (I know light weight but my GSXR was that much faster :excuseme:)

I havent done a lot of tight woods riding but 1st gear is tall and I have to slip the clutch to get around if it's really tight.

It's probably safe to go with either bike. If it's your first in 2 or 3 years you will know exactly what you want anyway and can change it out.

im 6'6 and 200lbs, i used to have a yz250 which was set up for woods. that bike was awsome and was plenty power, it was a little modded but was fast and did suprisingly well on the trails. Now i have a yz450 which is also an awesome bike. very fast. the way i have it set up now its more for the track but i have had it on trails with no problem. either way you will be fine. i would say whatever you can get a better deal on go for. :excuseme:

I have a similar question; I am also a big boy 6'4'' and 205 pounds. I own a WR450 and I am starting to feel it's a bit too heavy.

I'm considering a YZF 450 or a YZF 250; the 204.4 pounds of the YZF 250 make me drool however a friend of mine says that I'll miss the low end power of my 450 and the difference in weight between the WR and YZF 450 (about 30 pounds) should be sufficient. According to him there is no need to go the extra 15 pounds to get the 250.

What to you think? (given I am an intermediate rider with a lot of experience on big bore) :excuseme:

like i said i have the yz450 and i don't think the bike is heavy at all, granted i work out a lot and my older trail bike is a tank, but to answer you question if you want power and you need to go lighter go for the yz line or something comparable, you should be fine. What do you do with your wr that makes it feel heavy?????

All MX bikes have close ratio transmissions, whether they are 4 or 5 speed, and either of these is technically a liability for a pure woods bike. If you realize that, and you're OK with it, it then becomes a question of whether you like the power of the two stroke or the four-stroke better. The 450 has more in terms of peak numbers, but being a thumper, it also has more power over a wider range than the YZ250, in spite of the fact that the YZ250 has one of the most useful two stroke engines ever made.

To me, there's no question; I like the 4-stroke.

I've had a YZ250 and now a YZ450...If I were riding primarily in the woods and such, I would go for the YZ250 2 stroke. It will be harder to stall in the tight stuff and weighing a few pounds less it will also feel more nimble dodging trees on single track trail.

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