Prescott Weekday Early Morning Ride

I ride at least twice a week on Senator Hwy from Prescott to Crown King & back. Leave around 6:00-6:30 am. 82 miles round trip from my house. I am 65 & ride dual sport Husky. No jumping or MX stuff :p just a good scenic workout. Can add the back road to Crown King, Lake Pleasant & back for another 70 miles :excuseme::bonk::busted: PM me if interested : :bonk: Senator Hwy is a jeep trail linking Prescott to Crown King. Tom

Sounds like a blast... Just gotta get rid of this pesky job thing and I'd be good to go!!!

After July 17th I'm game. E-mail me.

Tom , do you have to be plated / street legal for your route ?? :ride:

I don't think a plate is necessary to ride the forest roads. I am plated because it's about 7,8 miles from my house to Groom Creek where I pick up the trail. Hope this helps. Lots of rain here this morning, no dust :ride::ride:

Tom , yea My bike is not plated nor resembles street legal in any way, so just checking. Any ride this time of year out of the valley is appealing as the temps are a bit warm down here now. As the PNF is now open I'll let ya know if I can get in on a run in the future. Thanks for the info!! :ride:

The forest is open, just not the trails, any of you guys done the thumb butte-skull valley route? Its a nice fire-road ride, nothing rocky, just forest roads.

Tues, 11th 6:30 am, senator hwy. Groom Creek. Come out & enjoy the forest! :ride::ride::ride:

How long is the Skull Valley run as it sounds fun. I keep my RV at a lot on Iron Springs road and that would make a nice round trip. Do you have any GPS #s.

Tomorrow morning the 14th 6:30 am. Prescott to CrownKing, south on the backroad to CrownKing & back through MinnieHaHa & back to Prescott. 97 miles of great scenery :ride: & a few rocky spots :ride:

Tues. morning, Aug. 1st. 6:30 am.Out of Prescott on Senator Hwy where the paved road ends. About 75 miles from that point, with a stop at CrownKing for gas or :ride: Tomorrows high around 70 degrees :thumbsup:

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