05 airboot

would an 05 airboot replace my 03's :excuseme:

I think yes

common mod to 04 and prior model bikes.

I fitted the 05 airboot to my 04.

Bacon knows all about this mod.

yep... it works... all the way back to 02. you need the new air box, boot, clamp/ring things to seal the filter, filter. i think thats all. power differance was huge. and it only cost me about 60 bucks or so... dealer cost :excuseme: everything bolts up, no modding


Please confirm. Can I buy an '05 airbox/boot and it will bolt on to my '02? Do you then get '05 side panels/number plates?

you just use the boot.

sweet :excuseme:

you just use the boot.

So on an '02 I could use an '04 airbox and the '05 boot, and it will all bolt up clean? Thanks for the help.

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