does anyone know the original colors to a 1983 xrhonda500

my grandpa bought a xrhonda 500 1983 and when he bought the bike it didn't have any panels the paint job was coming off i just wondering what the original paint job look liked or if anybody knew where to look to get parts.



i thought that year was white and blue according to what some people have told me

Check the link below. Scroll down for info...

1983 Honda XR 500


what year was white and blue because obvisouly it wasn't the 83

thanks a lot guys

Red & Blue is a good look for a Honda!!!!

yeah i thought so to but i thought that year was white and blue

those bikes were like tanks. i saw a guy do a wicked hill climb on one and he seemed to be like a gear high and the thing just chugged him up the face of the hill at like idling RPM it was crazy.

yeah they climb any hill you put them on even in low gear

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