GPS Track Logs

Hey guys,

I,m new at this GPS track log thing but would like to load a Mammoth Lakes Ca. ride track log to play with before I leave town on Friday. Does anyone have a ride they would like to share to get me started? I am willing to share any ride I have but, I don't have any yet. At first I tried a share group but, you must have one to share before you can get any. I'll be in the Glass Creek area.

I have a Garmin Vista Color C :excuseme:

this club has some gps tracks available for download. I haven't had a chance to ride any of them yet.

sneakers MC

Also, have you been to Not sure, but I thought the State motorized trail system tracks were available to everyone. One of those should be around mammoth.

You can download my tracks for both and

From Sneakers, you can also print roll charts and topo maps of the loops.

Check at Adventure Rider for tracks, or ask in a new post:

Adv Rider GPS forum

It's not all street stuff - there is some dirt data there also

John Davies

Spokane WA

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