They just keep on blowin'!!

Any one got any idea what could be the cause of my headlight keeps blowing?

I've got a DR650 from 91 which runs more or less ok. Suddenly on the way to work the other day I noticed the front light was blown. I've changed th bulb 3 times now and it seems to blow if I rev the bike hard. I'd really appreciate any suggestions as electrics aren't my strong point. :excuseme::bonk:

Check your regulator/rectifier, put a voltmeter across the battery (or where you have battery voltage i.e. the solenoid under the side cover)while the engine is running as you rev the engine up you shouldn't go over 14.5 volts at all. HTH


thanks, i'll check it.

Here's one for you, I have blown 3 tail lights in 2 months, any ideas? I'm using the Acerbis Dual Sport Tail Light, everything inside is clean and has good contact. I Did go on a 72 mile ride yesterday and over half of that was on rough gravel roads, and also on Saturday a 50 mile ride and Friday a 60 mile on gravel, could the vibration be doing it?

Here is my latest ride report.

look for wires with warn casings

The only bulb that lasts in my tail light is one from Bombardier Ski Doo snowmobiles. It has an extra support on the filament...

LED bulbs can handle a real lot of vibrations. My buddy has a POS dualsport, blown shock, tires so out of balance they hop at speed. He was blowing 1157 bulbs about every 10 miles until he got an LED in there, that worked fine

Try to wiggle the bulb to see if it is loose in the socket. If it is, the vibration will kill it.I've seen this happen many times

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