Just ordered Athena big bore and Hotcams.. questions

Just ordered the kit and had a few questions. 06 drz S.

1. How hard is this mod. I have some professional help but how much can a semi novice do?

2. The cams, do they need to be degreed or can I leave them at factory settings? Got hotcam stg 2 intake and stg 1 exhaust.

Anyone who has done this please let me know what ya think. :excuseme:

Both items are a straight forward bolt on job.

Take it slow and easy, and forget the beer, it will be fine.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Which kit (what size) did you order?

94 mm kit. Should be 12.3 compression!!

It easier with three hands to reassemble. One for the head, one for the cam chain, and one for the front chain guide. Put the piston and rings in the cylinder on the bench, then slip it all over the rod and push the pin in. The rest is simple. Just don't go dropping any circlips or shims in the case :excuseme:

Yea I heard about dropping stuff in the case. Will do... wait don't do. thx.

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