Detroit Event Switches Venues

SUPERMOTO - Detroit Event Switches Venues

Posted By Paul Carruthers -

Changed 6/26/2006

The following is from AMA Pro Racing...

AMA Pro Racing announced today that the AMA Supermoto Championship presented by Parts Unlimited event scheduled for July 8 at the Palace of Auburn Hills has been moved to the Waterford Hills Road Racing Track in the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Clarkston on the same date.

According to AMA Supermoto Director Joel Grover a situation beyond the promoter’s control arose forcing the venue change. “While we certainly regret having to make a late change like this, we’re excited about the opportunity to race at Waterford Hills,” said Grover. “The Waterford Hills facility boasts a beautiful road course situated in a scenic setting. Plus, it’s located within minutes of the original venue so everyone’s travel and lodging plans won’t be impacted.”

Grover added that the facility will be hosting a promoter practice day on Friday, July 7. Additional information will be released and posted on as it becomes available.

will there be a dirt section?

where can I find out ticket info, and time schedule?

this is a pro event and i believe there will be urban cross steel (LARGE) ramps. i dont think the track will have a real dirt section due to the current set up and logistics of the scca sanctioned track. see the above linkl for details. also look at ski

I think it is awesome they didn't just close the door and cancel the race but went out and scrambled to find a second venue - and bucked up to pay for the UrbanCross jumps.

It sucks when problems happen and there is noting you can do to fix them.

My hat is off to Tom Zielenski and Dan Jannette, people like this will keep supermoto alive and strong. Tom is taking all of the risk to put on great event. Anyone inside 200 miles from Detroit should be at this event - spread the word.

sorry for the stupid questions, I am not familiar with the format. Is there practice in the morning that can be watched?, then heat races in the afternoon? I looked over the those sites didn't see any ticket info. Does anyone know what a typical ticket would cost? I am looking forward to going just would like some more info so I can recruit some buddies to go also.

If it doesnt have any dirt sections that is BS. Supermoto tracks are supposed to be 75% pavement, 25% dirt.

They usually put up the schedule a few days before the event, keep checking There will be a dirt section and the Urbancross jumps.

Well done to the promotors for making it happen.....

There will be a dirt section and it will be a good one. Actually there will be two dirt sections plus the urban jumps.

One change is that tickets are now going to be for sale at the gate on the day of the race for $15. With the Palace issue we kinda lost the ticketmaster connection or made it more complicated.

Kids 16 and under are still free.

Practice starts at 10 then the quailifying after that then the mains. And the show should be over at 6 pm.

you can go to for info as well.


Dan Jannette

Two dirt sections, Urbancross and elevation changes on the pavement.

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