What enduro should I get?

I purchased a YZ250F to ride with my kids on the trails and in the pasture and this bike is way too fast for their style of riding. They are both beginners and i'm having a hard time riding with them. I know now that I should have just purchased an enduro so i'm going to sell it and get one.

I'm about 190lbs. I've ridden MX bikes since I could walk, but i've never owned an enduro. What is the best enduro bike for me? It will be ridden on the trails and the dirt, not street. DRZ, KLX, CRF, XR, WR ?

I don't need the YZ250F power, but I also don't want something powerless. How is the XR250 and XR400? Any other suggestions?

Well, I weigh quite a bit more than you (ok a lot more) and my XR400 has no problems pulling me around.

My friend bought this bike as his first bike, and it's what he learned on (other than riding my KLR250 around my yard to see if he wanted a bike in the first place). I bought it from him this spring and sold my KLR and it has done everything that I have asked so far, and more. Yesterday I was riding with my dad on the roads and I was able to pull the front tire up in 3rd gear and hold it (just a quick jab at the clutch to get the tire up). I actually managed to scare myself :excuseme:

I'd get the XR400. It will ride slow as the 250, but will haul you up a hill that would have the 250 trembling.

Or get an old XR200 (huge flywheel). :excuseme:

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