hi all, have been looking around trying to come up with a decent set up for my DRZS. I'm talking about Exhaust and jetting.

What zorst have you guys been running? whats the FMF jetting kit like? is the dyno one better? do the dyno kits supply the right jet to suit aftermarket zorsts and the airbox mod?

Probably looking to get all this from the thumper store as they seem to offer a cool discount plus i have a 10% off coupon... whooooohooo!

Another question is what the shipping like to the UK and do I have to pay extra tax when it turns un :bonk:

Cheers lads :excuseme:

Ahhh, just realise that they are the SAME kits! would still be good to find out what pipes you all prefer?

The Yosh Ti is the hp king. The Yosh SS & Muzzy are next and neck & neck as far as power goes. I gather from reading, they're all fairly loud, so if noise is an issue, stick with stock.

How much of an improvement is an after market pipe over a stock "E" exhaust with the drilled out tip...? Huge improvement? Noticeable? Worth the cash? I am contemplating?

Funny, I was thinking of dumping the bike a month ago and now am a man obsessed...

Don't forget weight and bling as being important factors in getting an aftermarket pipe.

I have done the snorkel out and rejet mod, as well as the drilled out tip on my "E" and don't really care about bling, just wondering if the power increase from a pipe is worth the $$... or I should just be content with the HP I have now.

So say i was to go with the yoshi ss pipe and the airbox mod would the jet with the kit be big enough?

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