Need tire help

I suck with picking tires and knowing what will fit on my 06 CRF450R. I was out riding yesterday and discovered that I hate the front tire they put on the 450. Some guys at the track were saying that for the rear the Michelin Starcross MS2 was a good tire. What do you guys think about it? Also, what sizes will fit my bike? I have no clue what the numbers on the tires mean. Im ignorant when it comes to tires/sizes/ratings, etc.


Edit : I ride in Ohio, we have some nice dirt, but it seems most of the tracks I ride on lately have a mix of hard pack and larger chunks of dirt.

If someone can tell me what the numbers on the tires match up to. I know x/x/19 means the tire size is for a 19" rim, but I dont know what the other two numbers mean.

110=mm wide,90=mm tall,19=in rim

I copied this from pirelli's site.

How do I read my tire?

The lettering of the tire is very important to understand if your tire is right for your bike. Let’s take the following example: 180/55 ZR 17.

180 is the nominal section width in mm;

55 is the ratio between tire section height and nominal section width. This ratio is not indicated when section is expressed in inches (eg.3.50-18)

ZR means 0°-steel belted;

17 is the nominal rim diameter size in inches

Thanks for the info guys. Now can anyone help me with what tire would be good for me? THe front end likes to wash out way too much on this bike, it just doesnt seem real stable.

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