DRZ-400S handguards

Has anyone tried using the DR-650 handguards on the DRZ-400S? For some reason, they don't make the 400 handguards in yellow(sold as an accessory only in black). The 650 does have them stock and in yellow to match the bike. The dealers I have asked have not tried it to see if the different lever mounts would match. Anyone have any experience?

Also, are there any tricks to getting the clutch lever off and replacing it w/o readjusting the clutch? Is there too much tension on the lever to just substitute the old with the new?


I got some of the black stock ones online and didn't install them. I got some acerbis ones that are good. You can have the black ones if you pay shipping.

Thanks for the offer. I have Acerbis Rallye Motard style handguards on it now in yellow. Their yellow does not match the Suzuki color though. I found a few different manufacturers online who sell the Suzuki yellow but for the DRZ-400E model or the off-road machine. Just wonder if the levers are any different though.


I put my old stock "E" handguards on my buddy's "S", fit perfectly...

I got the stock ones in blue. You should be able to find them in yellow too.

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