KLR 650 cuts out in rain...???

on way home from work the bottom fell out.. after a few miles engine felt like it was running out of gas ( as if time to switch petcock to reserve) but I had plenty of gas..I managed to keep it running all the home 7 miles..Is it the sidestand safety switch shorting out or maybe the spark plug ?? This is not my first KLR, but this particular one is new to me w/ 1000 miles on it.so bike is basically brand new..I dont recall this problem with my 99..I gotta fix this soon as I am a daily driver and dont wanna push bike home .. :excuseme:

The bike does not have the "Tee" mod in place.

There is a vent tube running down from the carb towards the ground. Water gets splashed up the tube causing air not to pass through.

A simple fix; just cut the tube near the carb, put a plastic vacuum "T" into the line and then run another plastic line up under the seat.

No more problems.

Thanks much..forums rock

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