Pic of my 04.

This is my left over 04, we got it in December. I rode it friday at my dad's work. They have a little private track. It was allready muddy, then it started raining. Me and my dad guessed it had at least 50 pounds of mud on it. I power washed it, took all plastics off of it, and power washed it again. Then detailed it for my race we had sunday. Tried to buff out the tire marks on the plastics by the seat were some guy ran my cousin over at a race (he decided to ride my bike, he loves it). Got some out but made it look not to pretty. I polished the fram a little bit but that is pretty much gon now from the race. I havnt washed it yet but it still looks kinda purty so here is a pic. It's all stock, except for the air filter and grips lol. Dont have the money to really put after market stuff on it.


honestly that bike looks really good..

Have you put a Mr. Clean Magic eraser on the tire marks yet, I bet that would get those marks off.

I have used everything from 2 power washers, brake clean, windex, laquer, and gasoline. Even tried to buff it off.

That sucks about the tire marks, but your bike still looks great. You'll love the 04, i got one and its ausome. Just keep up with maintanance.

cool bike dude. dont worry about upgrades though, those grip donuts add about 5 hp each :excuseme:

Yea they are pretty cool.

you should really get your suspension done though. spend the $350-$400 to get it done

What should I get done to it, my only problem is on big jumps stuff bigger then 45-50 feet it about bucks me off, I can't even do this 80-90 foot table now all the way because of the rebound.

send it into some place like factory connection, rg3, mb1, or any other suspension place and have them re-valve your suspension. they change the springs (if needed) and set all your clickers and oil level.

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