to buy klx250 or dr650

i have been considering buying a dual sport for a while now.. i ride quads regularly and have ridden dirt bikes all my life, even raced motocross for a while... i have pretty much narrowed it down to these two bikes:klx250 or a dr650... the drz400sm was a consideration but to expensive... i am only 5'7 and weigh 190 also so the xr650l is out... was just wondering what kind of power the klx250 actually has.. another thing i like about it is the fact that it is liquid cooled where as the dr650 is not... sence most trailes around where i live have been closed (no more atvs) a dual sport would be completely legal. i would also be using it to commute to work once in a while 15 miles half on highway...i would also want to bring my girl friend along once in a while... i have ridden 125/250 2 strokes b4 so how does the 250 4 stroke compair power wise? can it take 2 people? is it comfortable to ride for an exteded period of time? i owned a kx100 2stroke for the longest time and loved it, maybe that is why the klx is appealing to me. i like the idea of less weight also, but not for highway driving... i would be using it mostly on twisty roads and some back roads and maybe a little trail riding, but mostly dirt roads and or pavment twistys... do you think the klx250 is underpowered or can it cruse ok on the street... i also have some friends that ride street bikes..would i beable to ride with them or is the klx250 to underpowered for the street in that aspect? I know that the klx250 is not best suited for street but i want a dirtbike like dual sport, even though it will see 70% street... but then again i like the dr650 as well...

thanks for any input


I'd split the difference and get the DRZ400S. Best of both worlds, unlimited aftermarket, and tons of support here.

drz400e with a lighting kit!

Go and test ride them. I'd vote the DR650 if you are 70% street. Either way the bikes aren't that great for 2 up riding.

How serious of trails are you going to do? If just dirt/gravel roads then maybe a Vstrom, KTM, or BMW adventure bike might be better :bonk:

I have a DRZ but don't like taking a passenger. Not comfortable. It's like towing a trailer behind a trophy truck.

My next bike will be a DL650


Get the the DR650. Last year I bought a 2005 KLR250 and though I found it to be OK it left me wanting more when on the road. At 55-60 mph it's really working. The last issue of Dual Sport News did a review on the KLX250 and called it a "sheep in wolf's clothing". Traded the KLR250 in this March for a 2006 DR650 and found for me it was what I wanted in a dual sport bike.

Even though the DR is heavier it is well balanced and the low end torque makes it like a tractor if needed but you still have more than enough throttle on the road. :excuseme:

A 250cc thumper on pavement with a 5 speed trans will only make you mad.

A 250cc thumper on pavement with a 5 speed trans will only make you mad.

But the 6-speed KLX250 is great on and off road both.

after several stops to the local stealer ship i have decided on a dr650... the drz400 is to tall for me and not as roomy for two people as the 650. the dr650 doesnt feel as heavy as every one says. might be a different picking it up of the ground.... i plan on using the bike on road and dirt roads/fire roads, no hard core off roading or jumping, i have quads for that... also i didnt know that the 650s have oil coolers on them makes me feel a little better about buying an "air cooled machine". i used to have a honda trx250x four stroke and it was air cooled and got almost to hot to ride, i think thats why i was hesitant on air cooled but the 650 doesnt seem to bad. now i just have to go sign some papers and fork over some cash


Great choice. The DR650 really is a great bike. I've had 2 of them and would love to get another one. It was the most reliable bike I've owned. Maybe not cool enough for alot of people but they are comfortable, have good power, and are a good trail bike. :excuseme:

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