Wayhutta this Sunday 7/2

Michael's out this time but I'm definately going, might be with one of my local riding buds though. Any other local WNC-er's going? NCMountainman, Rebolic, Village Idiot, Trailtraks or HeavyHitter230 maybe?

Would love to go, but will be down in Florida on an island for a week. We will get up for a ride soon.

Villiage Idiot hit a tree down in Wambaw a couple of weeks ago and dislocated his shoulder. I think he has another week in the sling and then who knows how long before riding again? It is killing him, especially since he bought a Triumph 600 TT about a month before it happened. Luckily, he has a good friend like me to keep the cobb webs of both bike and the batteries charged :excuseme:

Let's ride soon!

count me in! see you in the a.m. 7/2

not this time.

Ok, so far it's me and Eardragger plus two guys I met at a jobsite the other day that ride XRs and have never been to Weyhutta are gonna follow us in. How about it Bob, where you been?

Are you guys talking about Wayehutta in Cullowhee NC, the ATV trails set up by the Forest Service? If so, are any of you from close by? I grew up on Wayehutta and I have rode that country since I was old enough to ride.

Are you guys talking about Wayehutta in Cullowhee NC, the ATV trails set up by the Forest Service? If so, are any of you from close by? I grew up on Wayehutta and I have rode that country since I was old enough to ride.

Hard to imagine there'd be two Weyhutta's, :ride: yeah that's the one. I'm an hour due east and been riding there for about 10yrs, also a member of the Smokey Mtn OHV club that does the trail work on occasion. You still ride up there?

Not much, since they made all the tracks. I have a DRZ 400s (street legal, but ride all dirt) which opens up the rest of the woods to me. I mostly ride the Caney Fork, Little Canada area (Forest Service) but you have to be tagged to ride all those roads. Days and days of riding.

Count me in.



Count me in.



We should be in the PL by 10:30 latest.

This sunday I'd much rather be airing out the K-toom over standing

water with you guys, but some long overdue domestic projects got

me pinned down solid all weekend.Thanks for the invite, have a

good time and I'll fall in there with y'all on a future ride.(fall probably

being a key word there)

Good ride guys. :ride:

Mike I'll take you up on that offer to ride your KTM soon, especially when you get that pretty new one.

Stacey glad you finally got to try Weyhutta and next ride let's hit a track. :ride:

yeah, great ride!! i had a blast. everyone who couldn't make it you missed out. we will see you all next time around. evryone have a happy 4th and a great week.

It was a great ride. The trails were almost perfect, and riding with good people who didn’t mind waiting for the slow guy (me).

Maybe I will put the triple taper needle back in so you can get the full 500 2-stroke effect.



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