TE510, 2006 Cycle World Best Dual Sport?

Guys, I saw this on the Husky website.

Was this an article and if so, do you know what issue this article was in and does anyone have a reprint or a scan of it or something?



No, it was not an article. It was like five or six sentences with a picture of the bike. It was dumb, like most the rest of their stuff. Said nothing much about the bike. It's on the store shelves now, I believe.

It was dumb because for a DS bike there are many many better bikes by many different manufacturers that are better than the 510. The 610 should have been their choice, but they don't really care to get it right or take the time to write up some relevant info. The 510 wouldn't hold up well for long rides on pavement and wouldn't be comfortable at all. It's a dirt bike.

If more than half of your dual sporting is on dirt, the 510 is a much better choice than the 610 as has been wisely noted by Cycle World.


It's in the July issue of Cycle World... They pick the best ten bikes for 06, and chose the TE510 as the best dual sport bike, due to being a real dirt bike with plates, race ready, etc.... In my opinion it is not dumb.. it's not an article, just description of the TEN BEST in their opinion... the reality is that the TE510 is more an enduro racer than a dual sport.. but, it all depends what you want to do with your bike.. I use my TE450 as a dual sport, mostly dirt, using connecting roads.. it is still dual sport, but mostly dirt... so I think it's cool that the 510 got the place it deserves.. :excuseme: And of course, it would be nice to have an article... they had a comparison of dual sport bikes, on the prior issue, and had the TE610, comparing it to BMW, KTM950, and Honda etc.. They liked the 610 but were not happy with reliability with that particular bike they were testing..

Shoot, anytime Huskys get good press, or just press coverage alone, it's a good thing. We can all fight within the family about which is the best Husky, but after watching Motorcyclist magazine drool all over KTM as "finally a true dual sport bike" and completely ignoring Husky, well, I'll take the Cycle World coverage and recognition all day.

Here is the entire blurb:

Cycle World - Ten Best Bikes of 2006


Best Dual-Sport Bike: Husqvarna TE510

After a two-year hiatus for a little fun with big-hearted Playbikes, we've reinstated the Dual-Sport category. Fueled by new entries from three different manufacturers, there's movement in this class, and the multi-tasking, eco-friendly bikes are now better then ever. Choices range from tree-slaloming 250cc machines all the way up to 1200cc beasts, but roosting ahead this year is Husqvarna with its 50-state-street-legal line of enduro machines. And out of that group the big-boomer TE510 is the pick, a full-on race-ready bike but with DOT tires and turnsignals. Hey, the TE fulfills most every off-roader's dream—a real dirtbike that will carve backroads, run errands and even take you to work—the long way, of course.

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