Races in VA?

What is the best track in VA to go racing?

Our favorites are Birch Creek, Actiontown, and Lake Sugar Tree.

What is the best track in VA to go racing?

Man you have a bunch of great places to go in NC. I really like NC motorsports park. That is a fun track with the MX track they have. they also have a intermediat practise track and the TT track is fun too.

Elizabeth City is another great track. I think my favorite is Birchcreek, but Va motorsports park and Southfolk are real close to us and they are great tracks as well.

You can go to www.district13.com and there will be a list of all the d13 tracks and directions to get to them as well as schedules for each track.

thanks. the tracks here are good but i ride them alot and i just wanna switch it up and go somewhere else

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