03 ltz 400 stumble

when my ltz 400 under load it coughs and stumbles(as soon as it gets on the needle or just after it gets on the needle.put in a s dj kit with a 150 mainjet.had no effect from stock.valve are in spec compression is good.tried with and without the airbox lid and still got the hesitation.it won't rev pasted the hesitation and in neteral it revs up fine.thanx again Eddie

does the choke help?

no the choke did not help but i took the left over carb from my drzsm and put it on and i have no problem now.this ltz came from colorado springs(got it from ebay)now that my drz carb works what jetting should i use(same as what i was running with the drz)it had a 135 main in it but that seems to lean.i've done the 3x3 and the dj kit(for the s model)the one thing i did notice with the old ltz carb was the screw that holds down the pin for the floats is bent and in can't get it out.not sure if thats the problem but its something i noticed.i'm at 1400ft and thanx again for all your help


well guess what....it wasent the carb.took it for a rip and it worked fine.then went out the next day and the same thing happened.its almost like its hitting the limiter but only it stumbles right after i hit the gas and were nowhere nere the limiter.at on point it was running so bad it just quit running all together.it did start again but still stumbling.i've ordered a cdi but could this be a stator prob or coil?thanx again


stator most likely.

thanx again Eddie,i'll check that this week sometime

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