BT45 Sizing

Need help on what size Bridgestone BT45 tires will go on my stock DRZ-400S rims. Can someone give me the best size to run both front and rear. Thanks.

Bridgestone fittment guide here.

Never mind, here it is.

BT45 Front 90/90 x 21 54H pressure 2.4 bar

BT45 Rear 120/80 x 18 65V pressure 2.5 bar

Let me know how they work, as I am desperate for new tyres, only got

1 mm of tread left on the rear Distanzia.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Please let us know how these work. I'm looking for street treads for a an S too!

Thanks Neil, Looking at the following sizes are listed:

$66.95 Bridgestone BT45H 90/90H21 Front Tire Mfg.#: 048765

$79.95 Bridgestone BT45V 120/90V18 Rear Tire Mfg.#: 072621

--- OR ---

$66.95 Bridgestone BT45H 120/80H18 Rear Tire Mfg.#: 066249

Is it okay to mix the H rated and V rated tires? These tires are tubeless, do I still run tubes on the stock S rims with these tires?


06 DRZ-400S

yep, still run tubes.

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