Question about which bike to buy

Hey guys, this isn't for me, but I have a question. A friend of mine has a son who is 14 or 15 and he wants to get into racing. He was thinking of getting a CRF250 and I mentioned he might want to also look at 450's.

Can you give me some pros and cons of 250 vs. 450? Should I have kept my mouth shut about the 450? Is it too much power for a kid just starting out?

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What size is he? I just got into racing (17), but Im a big guy, so I got a 450. I used to have a little TTR-125, so I made a huge step, but since Im strong and big, and have background skills (little), I thought why not.

He's probably 5' 4" and is stocky, not wirey or skinny.

I would tell your buddy to get him a 450f. He will out grow the 250f in a year or so and then he will be wanting a 450. I just went all out and my Dad got me the 450 so I don't have to upgrade agian, its taking some getting used to but more I ride, more comfy Im getting with the bike, and I love it. Im glad I made the jump.

Can you tell me what the differences in the bikes are? Are the 450's uncontrollable power? Are they just bigger/heavier? Do they have the same kind of powerbands that the 2 strokes have where it kicks in and lifts the front wheel? I don't know anything about the 4 stroke mx bikes.

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The 450's are really quite mellow they dont have a really hard hit. They are designed to be smooth. I rode TT member Nomadak's 06 yzf450 and I was very surprized. Unlike my 426 it was very smooth but faster. :excuseme:

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