I'm planning on getting a yz250f. I only ride trials. At first I was planning on getting a xr250 or a kdx220, but i want a modern four stroke. Now i have yz85 and am now to big for it. I am only 5'5 so i might have to set the suspension softer. For the yz250f to be a good reliable tight woods bike what should I do? I ride in Connecticut so i ride a variety of trails from tight woods to open train tracks. What parts will make the yz250f easy to ride in the woods? The wr250f i heard is a good bike but the yz250f is cheaper for me to buy used. Should i modify the yz250f to handle like a wr in the woods.


By the time you spend the money on the yz to make it like a wr you might as well just wait till you can find a good deal on a wr and get it. You can always find deals just ask all the guys on here they will tell you the same. But if you are stuck on a yz then just set the sag for your weight and height lower the forks in the triple clamp and gear it like a 13/51 thats what i run and it does great in the tight woods. :excuseme:

Id just buy a WR in the first place.

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