TE Elec Speedo Cluster BrOkE AgaIn !!!!!!!

I only have 300 miles and my second electronic speedo is not fully working!!!

I only get 1 trip No AVS the miles keeps reseting on its own, etc.....!!!!!!!!!!!

My dealer just put this one on.

What is going on with these ?????

My dealer isn't even replacing them...He's trying to see if Husky will do something else besides sending out the same fragile units. I agree it's a waste of time for all involved to put the same thing back on there, just to have it fail again.

There are three of us in town with new TE's, and all three of us have non functional computers. Sad and it sucks, but waddaya gonna do?

Aside from that, the rest of the bike rocks and I absolutely love it. Maybe Husky will come up with a happy solution for all of us on this problem. If not, I suppose a Trailtech will be in my future...


The circuit board is not making contact with the readout. Mine did the same at around 200 miles. Took it apart, shimed it with 2 strips of elec. tape, put it back together & made sure it was tight. It retained the miles even though it did not readout at the time. Have now 2,500 & it has worked perfect ever since. :excuseme::bonk:

A tube of di-electric grease, some clear silicone and a few judicious pieces of electrical tape (as shims and cushioning) and mine has gone 1600 miles since repair. As a few here can attest - I am not easy on a bike. (I run into random objects and fall over with alarming frequency)

The stock unit IS fragile and if you take it apart (not hard) it is very easy to see where it needs some help. I did not take photos when I did it, sorry. But if I can figure it out anybody can.

I did not even try to have the dealer repair/replace it since I figured I would get essentially the same thing - Husky has a warehouse full of these things and nothing is going to change until they run out of them.

If you get stuck during the repair PM me and I'll try to walk you through it - but really it's very easy to fix.

Thanks Artist, I will try to open mine and shim it up. Should I load it with die electric grease first?

I wonder Husqvarna is not taking a proactive approach on this problem, along with the 4-5K RPM stutter problem. If there was a car on the market which demonstrated these problems out of the box, the manufacturer would be called out. It seems to me that every single person who owns these machines (me included) has the same issues, and offering a jet replacement and Trailtek (or at least offering a deep discount with free installation) would go a long ways to demonstate providing customer support second to none. If Husky wants to grow their customer base, they may want to consider taking advantage of their greatest advertising asset, happy customer word-of-mouth.

I am not a whiner, but I also think that just because a machine isn't red, blue, yellow or green doesn't mean that you shouldn't expect it to have the same quality. :excuseme:

Mine quit, but was repaired with the tape, and so far works O K.

I will take My Husky with its faults over the Red/Blue/Yellow/Green any time.

Yes Husky should step up and offer a replacement, BUT I still don't see Honda stepping up and fixing the tranny and valve problems, or Yamaha fixing the valve problems either.


Can someone get us an address or corporate phone number so we can all write or call ?

Here is the mailing address.

Cagiva USA Inc.

2300 Maryland Road

Willow Grove, Pa 19090

I just called my local dealer on this problem. He mentioned that he knows there is a problem with the motor smoothness between 4-5K rpm, and that he is planning on replacing the jets with my next service if he can figure out which ones will work best . I think that I am more fortunate than some, in that I have a great husky-only dealer 4 miles from my house.

By the way he said that he is getting 4 new 610's delivered, and has one on the showroom floor. He also has a 510 in stock if anyone is interested.


thanks, I sent a letter out today.

yo dude. I have my speedo apart, but do not see where the need for repair would be? Can you help?


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