Grooved Pavement


I bought a DRZ 400S and have been riding it to work lately. Recently all the roads to work have been grooved and I'm sure that will last a while. I was wondering what the proper procedure was for riding on that nasty stuff? The Suzuki and I don't like it.



Hold on and tighten the sphincter. :excuseme:

React to it like a tank slapper. Just ride it out. It's happened to me a few times with road work but there's no way around it. You will be fine just ride it out and don't try to get out of the rut or you will take a spill.

while it is unnerving. just go with it. Its certainly not enough to toss you (and if it is - then you and all the cars behind you are in trouble.)

If you fight it though, it will exaggerate the problem - unnerving you even more.

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