cam chain

so the cam chain slipped off the lower sprocket (04 250x) while I was doing a fresh top it possible to take the left cover off to get it back on? what's the best way to get it back on there? I tried "fishing" it back on from the top but doesn't seem to be very easy...

It has to be at the perfect height and be aligned with the cog to get it on. It takes 2 people. I had my son shake the chain (slightly) up and down while I pressed on the chain using a thin screwdriver through the stator holes. Took hours, but it went on finally. Probably will take less time using the up and down trick. Oh, then my motor blew up 1 hour later, so make sure your cam chain tentioner is functioning properly.

Just pull the stator cover off and pop the flywheel off. Save the grey hair. It cost $8.00 for a gasket and $15-20 for the puller (or borrow one).

With luck you can slip it back on without taking it apart, I did once then took it apart the last time.

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