Plug Question???

I recently bought a 1990 CR250R and the guy that sold me the told to run a B8EG plug. He said that the BR8EG plugs were fouling more often than the B8EG. I also see that the book calls for the BR8EG. So question is what should I be running and is the plug I am currently running doing any damage the the CDI unit or anything else? One more what does the R mean in the plug number?

Thanks for the help....

the "r" stands for resistor and you should not be using a standard plug "r" plugs also cost more

I will be picking up some "R" plugs before my next run.

I guess this guy has been running these plugs for awhile in the bike. What damage if any is caused so I can either fix or watch out for.


Don't think it's a problem running a "regular" plug on that bike.I've always had god luck with Champion N7YC it's like BP7ES but my bikes runs cleaner on them.At least I think so.I've had them on Honda 250's and GasGas 200,250 and 300 no problems ever.I had a friend running a non resistor plug on a YZ 250-99 the bike missfired and wouldn't rev so he replaced everything stator,CDI and HT coil in the end he decieded to sell the bike and then he put back the original plug,surprise no missfiering and it run like a champ. So try it,if it runs clean your ok.

Thanks for the info.... Sounds like no harm no foul.... I wasn't sure if running this plug for a long period of time would do any damage. So looks like I am safe. The bike runs well with not non resistor plug but I am going to try a resistor plug to see how it works out.

Again thanks for the info,

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